My Journey

India Ink and Pen
India Ink and Pen

My journey allowed me to travel, study abroad, indulge my passion for art, culture, religion, architecture, and more. I was a Professor of Painting, Drawing, and Metals at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California for over 27 years. My work has been shown around the globe but by the early 2000’s my health challenged me to continue working from my home. I could only imagine, as I still do today, all the things I have seen and experienced.

Struggling with hospitalization, confinement, nursing homes and finally assisted living/skilled nursing, I have lived and experienced things deep and profound. When I could no longer move freely, my work became strong, edgy, painful, dark and transformative. My pen and ink work of the 1090’s and early 2000’s reflect my pain and growth. Everything is about transformation from the darkest of places, to thoseĀ of love and life.


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